Friday, February 26, 2010

Was it a good day ?

Did you have to use your AK ?

I didn't but I am sure some Fins would after getting totally dominated by the US in the Olympics mens ice hockey semifinal game.

Anyways I got around to writing this simple app after reminiscing about Ice Cube asking the question. Well he was actually describing his good day. For those not aware in the 90's or not into rap here it is: Ice Cube - It was a good day. Alternatively use your favorite search engine to: "ice cube today was a good day".

The app itself is pretty basic and shows off the widget capabilities of the Android operating system. The widgets I find are a very interesting component that allows quick access to functionality. Something the iPhone in all its glory should copy - but that would mean multitasking. I say enable widgets and leave it up to users to choose how much load they put their phone through. In other words how long they want their battery to last.

The app and the widget:


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